Retro Cycling at the Kinetica Art Fair 2013

Retro Cycled Kinetic Art Machine

Kinetic Art is a rapidly expanding design discipline.  The link to retro design is that often the artists are inspired to recycle everyday items to make modern and contemporary works of art. This is a process called Retro Cycling.  This from the organisers:

See Retro Cycled Designs

“The Kinetica Art Fair, one of London’s annual landmark art exhibitions and a permanent fixture in the Art Fair calendar, brings together galleries, art organisations and curatorial groups from around the world who focus on kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, science and technology.Kinetica Art fair

For 2013 Kinetica is hosting the work of over 40 galleries and art organisations nationally and internationally, with representatives from UK, France, Russia, USA, Poland, Holland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Indonesia and Japan, collectively showing over 400 works of art”.

I can thoroughly recommend you visit.

Here is the link to the Exhibition: Kinectica Art Fair 2013

The Kinetica Art Fair runs from:  February 27th – March 3rd 2013

Ambika P3
35 Marylebone Road

By Paul Bates (thepaulbates)

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