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retrotempo | Retro Gaming Event - Wolverhampton Racecourse - retrotempo

Retro Gaming Event – Wolverhampton Racecourse

Pacman Ghost image frpm retro game Pacman

Retro Gaming Revival.

Retrotempo:: Magazine covers a host of retro items and activities and where would we be without a nostalgic look back to the very early days of gaming? Whether that was playing Space Invaders or Asteroids on Atari arcade machine, or struggling to load games from a tape cassette on to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, this event will let you revisit your youth in company with other retro gamers. Definitely worth a visit!

“Revival is an all-new event focusing not just on retro gaming, but on the retro culture that was inspired by, and shared history with our earliest gaming roots. Continuing where Chris left off with the ‘Retro Ball’ event in 2005, REVIVAL will be an almost exclusively retro event aimed at bringing as many true retro gamers together as possible in one place for the classic gaming experience we all really want to share, whilst retaining a very personal, social event feel. There will be many familiar faces and a chance for the retro gaming community to mix directly with the people that made retro-gaming what it is in our memories and meet up with fellow hobbyists who continue to keep the scene alive.

Remember Retro Gaming?

From the roots of retro gaming there will be the best in classic arcade cabinets, pinball and possibly other arcade machines we all fondly remember, whilst popular names from retro gaming history will be present to share their personal experiences and give insight on the industry as it once was, as well as provide souvenirs in the form of signed memorabilia. There will also be interactive exhibits in the form of retro toys, collectibles and retro culture to rekindle those memories of your youth and days gone by”

Here is the link to the event organisers: Retro Revival Gaming Event

Date and Venue

Wolverhampton Racecourse

18th and 19th May 2013

By Paul Bates (thepaulbates)

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