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retrotempo | You're So Retro Chic - And You Know It - retrotempo

You’re So Retro Chic – And You Know It

Lana Del Rey pulls off beautifully the retro chic look

(Featured image above: Lana Del Rey – Copyright Grazia Magazine)

Is Everything Retro Chic This Year?

Speakers like sydney opera houseI was in the Dentist’s waiting room the other day and was flicking through the available magazines.  As is typical, the selection was biased toward mid to high end women’s magazines as left behind by the Receptionist.   But the Dentist had thoughtfully left a copy of his Stuff Magazine – just one – for the blokes.  Full of trendy gadgets no one can afford, (well except for Dentists). One item caught my eye though. “Retro Chic Speakers”.  Basically, trendy speakers for your living room that “you would not want to hide”- apparently because they are aesthetically pleasing.  I always liked my old wooden and rather boxy Wharfedale Denton speakers- but that is another story.

Retro Chic on the Catwalk

Retro Chic is a movement that is “right on trend” on this year’s catwalk. For example, Lana Del Rey claims to be the “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra”.  Which is a wonderful sideways take on what is means to adopt Retro Chic style. Other models and stars regularly adopting retro chic style are: Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, Jessie J and of course the infamous, Dita Von Teese herself. Perhaps it would be easier to ask which starlets are not going retro chic this year?  For a real retro chic treat visit this link to Grazia Magazine

Swing “Something Stupid”

While we are on the subject of Sinatra, Retro Chic is a fashion that regularly appeals to the stars and producers of pop videos. Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman produced a wonderfully kitsch or retro chic Christmas single – a cover of Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s “Something Stupid”.  Proving that Retro Chic itself has been in fashion since just after fashion began, the video faithfully recreates 1950s fashion, style and design. At least, it is a pastiche memory of Christmas -1950s style. And both Nicola and Robbie look stunning in their retro chic outfits. I particularly admire Nicole’s jumper and Robbie’s pyjamas!  In fact, Robbie released a whole album of retro hits, including “Something Stupid”, called “Swing When You’re Winning”.  And deservedly successful it was too!

By Paul Bates (thepaulbates)

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60s Sherry Glass

60s Sherry Glass

Retro Christmas Table Decoration

Retro Christmas Table Decoration

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