Retro Top of The Pops LPs – Crazy Horses – Meow, Meow

Retro Top of The Pops LPs – Crazy Horses –  Meow, Meow

TopofPops 1972toppops27

Back in 1972, I owned the most peculiar record. It was a compilation, with a track of Crazy Horses by The Osmonds.  It was on an early Top of the Pops LP.  They were infamous for containing poor copies of the original tracks.  I used to buy them in my local Woolworths in Ashby de La Zouch – and they were cheap!

All the tracks were poor, but but during the exciting crescendo, where the Crazy Horses are imitated by a cool electronic organ sound, there features what sounds like a frightened cat.   So instead of, “Crazy Horses – (Screeching Electronic) Neigh, Neigh”, we “Get Crazy Horses – Meow, Meow“.  It did make me laugh!  Fortunately, a little later, I did manage to acquire an original recording. Crazy Horses reached Number two in the UK, and features on many people’s list of:  “Your favourite Number Twos”.  Crazy Horses is on Volume 28 of TOTP that was released in Dec 1972, so this was likely a Christmas buy, if not actually a Christmas present.

Check out the Energy of the Original Crazy Horses

By the miracle that is Youtube, I have found the offending track – and you can also compare it to the original, which I think still sounds surprising contemporary. Especially for the Osmonds!

There are whole sites dedicated to the history of Top of the Pops and other compilation LPs. Click to see more of your favourites:  Top of the Pops


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