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Walnet Whip

Retro Confectionery – The Aztec Bar, Walnut Whip and Flake

What Confectionery Bar Could tip the mighty  Mars Bar from it’s Perch? Some confectionery brands have come and gone and have left a distinct retro feel.  Other like Mars and Kit-Kat are evergreen winners.  But for a brief period in the late 60s, the Mars Bar had contender.  It was called the Aztec Bar.  I used to like confectionery.  I definitely had a sweet tooth. Maybe because it was such ... »

Phone Card Jim Clark

Retro Give Aways – Apollo Mission and Racing Cars

Apollo Mission Construction Kits During the height of Apollo Moon Shot in the late 1960s, lots of brands and organisations tried to cash in on the excitement by issuing freebie memorabilia such as mugs, coins and stamps. Many of these now rare items have since become retro favorites for collectors. Shell Petrol Stations did a particularly nice range of silver coins, but the item that caught my att... »

60s Sherry Glass

60s Sherry Glass

This 60s Sherry Glass was one of a set of six, each with a different base and stem bead colour highlight. The set was kept in a sturdy box “under the stairs” and only used on special occasions. More often used for Ruby Port or Egg Nog than Sherry, Christmas was not the same without their re-appearance. The highlight colours included: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple. The sim... »