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Walnet Whip

Retro Confectionery – The Aztec Bar, Walnut Whip and Flake

What Confectionery Bar Could tip the mighty  Mars Bar from it’s Perch? Some confectionery brands have come and gone and have left a distinct retro feel.  Other like Mars and Kit-Kat are evergreen winners.  But for a brief period in the late 60s, the Mars Bar had contender.  It was called the Aztec Bar.  I used to like confectionery.  I definitely had a sweet tooth. Maybe because it was such ... »

Retro Top of The Pops LPs – Crazy Horses –  Meow, Meow

Retro Top of The Pops LPs – Crazy Horses – Meow, Meow

Back in 1972, I owned the most peculiar record. It was a compilation, with a track of Crazy Horses by The Osmonds.  It was on an early Top of the Pops LP.  They were infamous for containing poor copies of the original tracks.  I used to buy them in my local Woolworths in Ashby de La Zouch – and they were cheap! All the tracks were poor, but but during the exciting crescendo, where the Crazy ... »

Phone Card Jim Clark

Retro Give Aways – Apollo Mission and Racing Cars

Apollo Mission Construction Kits During the height of Apollo Moon Shot in the late 1960s, lots of brands and organisations tried to cash in on the excitement by issuing freebie memorabilia such as mugs, coins and stamps. Many of these now rare items have since become retro favorites for collectors. Shell Petrol Stations did a particularly nice range of silver coins, but the item that caught my att... »

Pacman Ghost image frpm retro game Pacman

Retro Gaming Event – Wolverhampton Racecourse

Retro Gaming Revival. Retrotempo:: Magazine covers a host of retro items and activities and where would we be without a nostalgic look back to the very early days of gaming? Whether that was playing Space Invaders or Asteroids on Atari arcade machine, or struggling to load games from a tape cassette on to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, this event will let you revisit your youth in company with other retr... »

When Retro becomes Retro?

When Retro becomes Retro?

In 1983, Tracey Ullman released an album called “You broke my heart in 17 places”. It featured many songs from the 60s and 70s re-worked with a contemporary 80s feel. The album cover itself was a design throw back to the 60s. Songs such as “Bobby’s Girl” and “Move Over Darling” by  Doris Day were obvious retro material. But covers of Kirsty MacColl tracks, such as the title track and the bes... »

Paul Hogan Fosters Advert from 1980s

Paul Hogan Fosters Advert from 1980s


Album of the Decade 1980s:  Diamond Life – Sade

Album of the Decade 1980s: Diamond Life – Sade

Album of Decade 1980s – Diamond Life What are the qualification criteria for “Album of the Decade”?   It’s whatever you decide, of course.  But, in my book, it has to be an Album in which ALL the tracks are good- or great.  It has to stay in the charts for weeks, or better years.  It has to have terrific lyrics, a fantastic melody and great production. It had to be played relentlessly back t... »

Kit Williams’ Masquerade

Kit Williams’ Masquerade

In 1979 a very talented artist called Kit Williams produced a beautifully illustrated “children’s book” called “Masquerade”.  Masquerade was designed with cryptic picture clues to the whereabouts of a valuable buried treasure in the form of Golden Bejewelled Hare.  The book was a huge sales and media success and triggered a massive international hunt for the treasure.   It set the scene for a grow... »

Euro 96 Song. Try and tell me, “This is not a love song”

Euro 96 Song. Try and tell me, “This is not a love song”

They say the mark of a good song is that it will still be played in 100 years time… In the summer of 1996, during the height of Brit Pop, a song caught the imagination of the public and hit Number 1.  It was unusual in so many ways.  First, it was written and fronted by two comedians rather than an established band.  Second, it was a good song about football. Third, it was a song about footb... »