Retro Design Chair made from steel tube and rover chair

Retro Design Rover Car Chairs

I first came across Ron Arad retro design Rover car chairs in the reception area of a design agency called Wolff Olins. The year was 1988 and it was in fact, one of the altogether more rare, two seater sofa models. As you would expect in a world class design agency, the whole ambiance was refined. High warehouse style ceilings complemented by an aesthetically pleasing curved glass front desk, chro... »

Retro Cycled Kinetic Art Machine

Retro Cycling at the Kinetica Art Fair 2013

Kinetic Art is a rapidly expanding design discipline.  The link to retro design is that often the artists are inspired to recycle everyday items to make modern and contemporary works of art. This is a process called Retro Cycling.  This from the organisers: See Retro Cycled Designs “The Kinetica Art Fair, one of London’s annual landmark art exhibitions and a permanent fixture in the Art Fair... »