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Retro Gaming Event – Wolverhampton Racecourse

Retro Gaming Revival. Retrotempo:: Magazine covers a host of retro items and activities and where would we be without a nostalgic look back to the very early days of gaming? Whether that was playing Space Invaders or Asteroids on Atari arcade machine, or struggling to load games from a tape cassette on to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, this event will let you revisit your youth in company with other retr... »

Kit Williams’ Masquerade

Kit Williams’ Masquerade

In 1979 a very talented artist called Kit Williams produced a beautifully illustrated “children’s book” called “Masquerade”.  Masquerade was designed with cryptic picture clues to the whereabouts of a valuable buried treasure in the form of Golden Bejewelled Hare.  The book was a huge sales and media success and triggered a massive international hunt for the treasure.   It set the scene for a grow... »