Retro Glasses

Red Fruit Juice Glass 1972

Red Fruit Juice Glass 1972

This red Fruit Juice glass dates from around 1972. Not classic 70s style, but still it has a retro design style of it’s own. The main problem is that orange juice or squash looked strangely unappetising through the red glass. Originally, a set of 6 glasses from Woolworths. By Paul Bates (thepaulbates) »

1972 Design black and orange glasses

1970s Black and Orange Glass

My first paid job was in 1972.  I had just started secondary school, aged 11 and this was the first half term.  It was a beautiful sunny October morning when someone, probably my sister Jill, suggested I should go “spud bashing” to make some money.  That is potato picking to the uninitiated. I pulled on my trusty wellies with a green parker and a red Massey Ferguson tractor with trailer full of la... »